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Our MercuryGift card program delivers everything merchants need to generate new revenue, increase brand exposure, and easily manage gift card sales for one store or an entire chain.

We packed our MercuryGift™ card program full of rich features that help merchants create a new profit center with very little effort or expense. Our integrated platform enables automated funds transfer, reconciliation, and a variety of reporting options, so merchants can track gift card sales and activity without extra bookkeeping effort. The MercuryGift program offers:

  • Unlimited free transactions. All MercuryGift transactions are free for Mercury credit card merchants, including gift card issue, gift card sales, and gift card reload. We can convert existing gift cards to Mercury, and the processing is still free!
  • Automated reporting. Mercury provides automated online reporting to track gift card activity and create monthly summaries of activity in single or multiple locations.
  • Balance Inquiries. We offer services to help manage gift cards, including customer balance inquiries, hosting of card balance inquiries from merchant websites, and the ability to transfer existing gift card balances to MercuryGift cards.
  • Flexible gift card programs. Our Express Program offers a wide variety of professionally pre-designed cards. We simply add your business logo. For merchants who want to design their own cards, we offer our Custom Program.
  • Multi-store reconciliation. For merchants who need to manage multiple accounts, our gift card program offers a number of advantages. We provide multi-store account maintenance with monthly reimbursement for each location. Gift cards can be used across stores. Cards can be issued and redeemed at any location in a group, or issued from one location and redeemed at all locations. The program includes convenient network funds transfer through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network.
  • Gift Card Mall™ opportunities for U.S. merchants. We integrated MercuryGift with Blackhawk Network™, a subsidiary of Safeway®, to add marketing power to select U.S. merchants' gift cards. Blackhawk Network allies with all major grocery, drug, and convenience stores nationally to place the gift cards of prominent local and regional merchants in aisle end-cap "gift card malls." Heightened brand exposure alongside popular national brands increases gift card sales and drives new traffic to our MercuryGift merchant locations.
  • High performance platform. Mercury's seamless POS integration ensures reliable gift card processing. Our host-based platform enables data recovery even if a merchant’s PC fails.
  • Web store card acceptance. MercuryGift is integrated with Plug'n Pay to enable seamless online gift card purchases.

Compatible with Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System.

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